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Worried about those boxes of precious old photos, letters, postcards, family recipes, documents,  birthday and anniversary cards, drawings made by your three-year old all those years ago?  What if there was a leak in your house and they were soaked?  Ruined forever.  What if you ever had to leave your home urgently in an emergency, what would happen to them all?  Or what about a hurricane?  What if.....

Don't you wish you had digital copies somewhere?


You could certainly scan them yourself using your slow flatbed scanner, having to turn over each double-sided document to make sure you got both sides.... Or you could take digital photos of them with your smart phone, which is laborious and also takes up tons of memory.  There ARE companies that will scan your documents and photos - some that you can send everything to, but what if something happens to them en route in the mail?  Plus you have to arrange every single one in an orderly fashion by size, squeeze them into a box, which is also time consuming when you have 6 or 7 different size photos. And then they're in the hands of strangers and you don't know who sees them or where they'll be stored digitally (on someone's computer and possibly kept without your knowledge?).  There are companies locally who do it, you can drop your photos and documents off somewhere and let an employee scan them in, most of them scan to a computer (so your photos are on someone's hard drive) - and again, you are still giving all your precious photos and documents to total strangers.  If you have documents to scan, these companies will go through them carefully, removing staples etc., but will also see what every document is - do you really want that?  I know I wouldn't.  I want MY photos and documents to stay private, but I still want them scanned in!  In today's world with hurricanes, wildfires, floods, leaky basements etc., it's DEFINITELY worth putting your documents and photos into digital format.  With my services, I am the only person who will handle your photos or documents, they get scanned directly to a micro SD card (not to my computer) - so unless you specifically request me to make a backup for you, your photos will never see the inside of my computer!   Those precious photos of your toddlers or grandchildren will be safe from prying eyes!

Drop your photos off and leave them with me, I scan them onto SD card, then you collect them the following day (if the project is one hour or less).  If you have a large project, we'll discuss the timeline when we meet.  I scan them directly to an SD card (which we provide), so they never get saved to our computers or hard drives.   We can scan between 200 and 250 photos an hour, depending on their size.  Whether they're in a box, a bag, photo albums, an old knitting bag or tool box, it doesn't matter.  You don't have to organize them before you come.  Just bring them as is.  When they are scanned in, we give you that Micro SD card (with an adapter, for easy use with a card reader) so you and you alone have the copies.  We can duplicate the SD card for you so you have a separate copy of everything (duplicate Micro SD cards are $10 each).  I highly recommend getting duplicates made, either through me or someone else, because then you have backups, should that SD card go missing.  Then YOU decide where to store your SD card - maybe your safety deposit box at the bank, in your passport (which you would grab in an emergency), wherever it will be the safest.

It is important that you know approximately how many photos you want scanned - otherwise you may be in for a surprise.  You may think it's a couple of hundred, when it's closer to a couple of thousand, which would obviously take a lot longer.  Either way, however many photos or documents you have, I can scan them!

But the photos do not leave my home office, and nobody but me has access to them, and I am the only one operating the scanning equipment.  And for those photos or documents that have writing on the back - don't worry - I will make sure they also get scanned in!  Sometimes the writing on the back of an old photo is just as important as what's in the photo itself.  I totally understand!


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